When you travel across Hopi you are struck with the vastness of the land.  Highway 264 bisects the Hopi Reservation from east to west and connects the three mesas.  The land is open and the imprint of man on the land is nearly absent except for occasional roadside cornfields and houses and galleries in the area of the villages where the Hopi have lived for over a thousand years.  The villages and structures seem foreign to many travelers, they do not look like mainstream society and even the names on buildings appear foreign and sometimes unpronounceable…don’t let that stop you from visiting the galleries, you’ll be glad you did! 

Hopi is a welcoming place and one of the very best places to connect to Hopi people is in the galleries.  Shopping in a Hopi gallery is a cultural experience.  The shopkeepers know the back story to the art and many of them are artists themselves.  You will frequently meet artists in the stores and you will always meet interesting people who are willing to share their stories and help you understand the way art connects to Hopi culture.  You will find every kind of Hopi art in the galleries from heirloom pieces to the most contemporary art forms. 

Enjoy your travels on the Hopi Arts Trail.