hat logo

The Hopi Arts Trail logo was designed to promote and portray Hopi Artists and an important aspect of Hopi Life (Hopi Katsi), Morning in Hopi. The sun rising in the back of the mesas is the symbol of a new day, Talavai (Morning) is the time when prayers are said to Our Father the Sun (Tawa). Prayers for a good life, for all things all over the world and especially the rain which is depicted in the clouds. The four colors of the Hopi are utilized representing the four directions, the four worlds, and white, red, blue, and yellow corn. The white section in the middle meaning purity or the trail we leave behind and that we are setting for generations to come. 

In accordance with Hopi Life, the tools and the teachings of these ancient gifts (Mahkewa) are seen in our Doll Carving, Basket Making, Jewelry Making, and Pottery Making. These hand crafted products and our Hopi Artists are being effected by mass production and off-shore replication which has a huge impact on our Mahkewas and our way of life and survival.

I want to Thank You for this opportunity as a Hopi Artisan and a father. This logo is more than a logo, its a prayer for all and all it represents. This is my Mahkewa and I encourage everyone to find yours.

Kwa-Kwa (Thank you),

Bryan Humetewa, Artist
Bear Clan
Upper Village of Moenkopi