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The Hopi Arts Trail is not a literal trail to hike but rather a way for visitors to connect with the wonderful artists and galleries on the Hopi mesas in northern Arizona.sculpture inset evelyn vert The Hopi people have lived in villages on the mesas for over a thousand years and have one of the most uniquely preserved cultures in America. The Arts Trail is an invitation to the world to visit the mesas in a respectful manner, to connect with some of the very finest artists in their galleries and home workshops.  Hopi art ranges from traditional to contemporary mediums and themes. Basket weaving, Kachina Doll carving, pottery, and silversmithing are the four most prominent art forms but Hopi artists also find expression in painting, sculpture, glass making, and other contemporary art forms.

Visitors are welcome to drive across the Hopi reservation using the Arts Trail Map as a guide to visit the galleries and contact artists but the very best way to tour Hopi for the first time is with a tour guide who is certified by the Hopi Tribe. These guides are exceptionally knowledgeable about the traditions and culture of the Hopi. They know the Kachina Doll carvers, basket makers, silversmiths and other artists and can introduce visitors to the artists and explain the significance of the art.

The Hopi Arts Trail is a very new affiliation of artists and galleries – please come back to this site and discover more information as the Arts Trail grows.


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The Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites

Make your visit to Hopi complete with a stay at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites conveniently located at the western gateway to Hopi tribal lands.  It is the first hotel built on Hopi tribal land in 50 years and was the inspiration of the Elders of Upper Village of Moenkopi. It was their vision that their village should be a place of welcome and gathering for visitors to the land of the Hopi.