Ramson Lomatewama

Third Mesa
Hotevilla Village

(928) 613-5858
P.O. Box 211, Hotevilla, AZ 86030
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Ramson Lomatewama is an award winning glass artist, kachina doll carver, and jeweler. He was an adjunct professor of sociology at North Central College, Napervill, IL. for many years. Ramson's glass art is viewed as "a contemporary expression of ancient and artistically rich people... evoking a beautiful, yet humbling mindscape which we all long to find." His sterling silver jewelry is a clear reflection of his rich heritage and the timeless culture of the Hopi people. Cerimonies and cultural activities continue to play a major role in his life. However, Ramson also dedicates time to schools, universities, and museums as a visiting scholar and artist.

Ramson’s “hot shop” is located just east of Hotevilla, AZ on the Hopi reservation. He is the first hot glass artist from the Hopi tribe, and is always ready to share his experiences and knowledge with visitors. The studio sits atop third mesa, 1/4 mile west of Hwy 264 on a dirt road. If you're eastbound, turn right at mile 367.9; turn left, if you're deaded west. Call us at 928-613-5858 prior to your isit to make sure we haven't burned the place down! Once you're on the dirt road, look for the big white house on the right, drive page it to the next driveway, turn right. You're here! School and tour groups are always welcome!