karen sm

First Mesa

Tewa Village

Kachina/ Parrot Clan



Karen Abeita was born of a Tewa mother and Isleta father. She is one of the finest young Hopi potters working today. She particularly likes using some of the older designs on her pots -the Palhik Mana - (Butterfly Maiden) pottery sherds, feathers, eagle tail feather skirt, clouds, and song birds. Karen works particularly hard on her outdoor firing techniques - aiming to have a certain warm glow with the use of fire clouds. Her work is some of the very finest produced at Hopi today. Her use of fire clouds to produce soft changes in hue in her works creates an exceptionally rich and warm design. All of Karen's pottery is completely traditional from gathering the clay from the Hopi Reservation to hand coiling, hand polishing , hand painting than firing the old fashioned way – outdoors. Karen has won numerous awards – including Best of Show, "Invitational," Lawrence, KS. She is in all the major books recently published on Hopi pottery, including Gregory Schaaf's book Hopi–Tewa Pottery 500 Artist Biographies. She has signed with her name "Karen Abeita" and her parrot clan hallmark.


(928) 737-0194

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Polacca, AZ 86043

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