Iskaskopu Gallery

Second Mesa
Shungopavi Village

(928) 734-9361
P.O. Box 329, Second Mesa, AZ 86043
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Iskaskopu Gallery is located in Northern Arizona on the Hopi reservation, 1 mile south of the Hopi Cultural Center. Iskaskopu Gallery was established in 1992. The intension of the gallery’s establishment is to bring to light local artists and their work. The Gallery exhibits fine arts from Hopi Artists such as genuine Pottery from First Mesa, sifter baskets from Second Mesa, and true & traditional Kachina dolls and Hopi Jewelry from numerous local artists. They maintain an excellent amount of handmade Hopi overlay jewelry, stamped sterling with artist hallmark for authenticity. Included in the inventory are authentic Zuni and Navajo inlay jewelry, as well as tufa casted jewelry. There is a fine variety of overlay earrings, bracelets, and pendants with assorted traditional designs that range from water designs, to Hopi cloud and symbolic designs and much more.

Come, learn and enjoy some of Hopi’s intriguing history. Also, come witness the beautiful landscapes of the Hopi Mesa’s that stand 600 feet high, with breath taking scenic views of the Flagstaff mountains. The meaning behind Iskaskopu is “The spring where the coyote burped” come on by and learn the meaning behind the gallery name, Iskaskopu, from an ancient Hopi folk tale.

Iskasokpu also carries Silver Supplies for silver smiths and they also do catering of Hopi Traditional Foods, reservations required. Come, learn and enjoy Iskasokpu Gallery’s Experience.

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Iskaskopu sign