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Left-Handed Hunter Tour Company was established in 1998. It was created to give our visitors a positive and true vision of the Hopi Experience.

Tours are conducted by licensed tour guide, Mr. Gary Tso who is a member of the Hopi Tribe. He is of the Sun Forehead Clan and from the Village of Soongoopavi. He served 4 years in the U.S Marine Corps. And is a single father of 4.

He has been Recommended by the New York Times Travel Section, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, National Geographic Travel Magazine, Fodors Travel Guide, Frommers Travel Guide and 1,000 Things to See before You Die. He has also been listed #3 in the Arizona Highways for the top 25 weekend getaways for 2009.

Full Day Tour
This 8 hour tour will take you through an array of fascinating sites that include a visit to the Taawaki Petroglyph Site. You will visit Hopi Villages from Moenkopi, Old Orabi, Hotevilla, Bacavi, Kykotsmovi, Sipaulovi, Musangnuvi and you will visit up to 3 local artists.

Half Day Tour
This 4 hour tour will take you through Taawaki Petroglyph Site; you will visit villages throughout Hopi Land and have the opportunity to visit 1 local artist.

Prices are As Follows:

Full Day Tour  Half Day Tour

$195.00- 1 person
$265.00- 2 people
$300.00- 3 people
$400.00- 4 people

$120.00- 1 person
$160.00- 2 people
$180.00- 3 people
$200.00- 4 people

Any groups for 5+ people require advance reservations that should be scheduled at least 24 hours prior.
All full day rates include bottled water, transportation for 4 people and lunch.
All Half day rates include bottled water and transportation for 4 people.