reba sm
Second Mesa
Songoopavi Village
Basket Weaving

Cell: (928) 613-7555
P.O. Box 971, Second Mesa, AZ 86043
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My Name is Reba Ann Lomayestewa, my Hopi name is Hootsik’vansi which means the (Flash of lightning).

I am Tawawungwa (Sun) clan from the village of Songoopavi, Arizona.

As I was growing up I spend most of my time with my grandparents Adeline Lomayestewa (Basket weaver/Seamstress) and Clarence Lomayestewa (silversmith). My parents are Fernanda and the late Loren Phillips who are both Hopi Silversmiths. I learned to make the Hopi overlay jewelry by watching my parents.

I also learned how to be a seamstress by my grandmother Adeline, as well as spending time with her teaching me how to make coil and sifter baskets, and the daily living teachings as a Hopi women. I am thankful for her teachings and still carry on what she has taught me.

Presently my aunt Iva Honyestewa gave me an opportunity to learn her new creation; the new Hopi basket called the Pootsaya. The Poostaya is a combination of the Hopi coiled basket and the Hopi sifter basket. So far I am the only person she has taught yet. I enjoy learning the purpose of her new creation, the Poostaya and working with Iva Honyestewa.


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